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SKO Hair believes it's a woman's right to choose what she wants to convey through her hair. However, whether she wants to go platinum blonde, have bouncy ringlets or transition into natural, no woman should have to choose between healthy and damaged hair. SKO's products address the need for hair health maintenance for those of us that view our hair as an accessory.

FAQ - The Towel for Stressed Hair

How does the SKO Hair Towel work?

The Towel has two sides, a super absorbent side and a smooth, non-damaging water permeable side. The smooth, non-damaging side goes against the hair where water is pulled from the hair to the absorbent side. Your hair never touches the super absorbent microfiber side.

How is the SKO Hair Towel different than cotton and microfiber hair towels?

A Good Hair Day is the Result of a Smooth Cuticle.™ – that’s the foundation of everything we work on here at SKO Hair. The difference between damaging cotton and microfiber towels and the SKO Hair Towel is all in the fiber and the weave. Cotton towels are made with fibers that are short, meaning they have to continuously be spun to produce a long fiber. Microfiber towels have fibers that are looped, creating friction when used against the hair shaft.

So while cotton and microfiber towels are very absorbent, cotton's short fibers can snag on the cuticle and microfiber's looped fibers create friction, both causing cuticle lift, along with frizz and damage.

SKO Hair Towel’s smooth, non-damaging side (the side that you use against your hair) is made of an exclusive synthetic fabric that has a single continuous fiber. The weave of the smooth, non-damaging side allows water to pass through and to be absorbed. SKO Hair’s exclusive design allows for maximum absorption without your hair ever coming into contact with any damaging fibers.

How do I use the SKO Hair Towel?

Use like you would a traditional towel by flipping your head over, lining the Gold Button up with the nape of you neck and twisting and flipping the Towel over your head, securing one or both loops with the Gold Button:

Or, place the Gold Button facing out on the middle of your forehead and flip the Towel up and over your head (recommended for extensions as this method will not tug on them). Easily secure with the Gold Button and SKO Hair’s exclusive two loop design for a towel that stays put, leaving your hands free. Also a must for plopping, soaking up extra product and gently drying wigs.

Can I wash the SKO Hair Towel?

Yes – the towel can be laundered in the machine on the regular cycle. We do not recommend bleach nor ironing.