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SKO Hair believes it's a woman's right to choose what she wants to convey through her hair. However, whether she wants to go platinum blonde, have bouncy ringlets or transition into natural, no woman should have to choose between healthy and damaged hair. SKO's products address the need for hair health maintenance for those of us that view our hair as an accessory.


Quality is a Luxury.

Thoughtful design, premium materials and expert manufacturing make the SKO Hair Towel a necessary luxury for hair health maintenance.

The exclusive Smooth Side was designed with a weave large enough to allow water to pass to the absorbent side without damaging your hair or disrupting your curl pattern. The Smooth Side is wrapped over all four sides of the Towel to protect the fine baby hairs at your edges/hairline.

The Smooth Side of the Towel is notoriously difficult to work with. Machines will damage the material, so every Towel must be sewn by hand. Our U.S.-based manufacturer’s expertise is in fine linens for both private clients and high-end hotels, and they apply the same principles of quality and luxury to our Towels.

The Gold Button is gold-plated for durability and beauty and double stitching at the corners will prevent unraveling, helping your towel last for years with proper care.